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My name is Yana R., a fashion illustrator currently based in Israel.
A couple of years ago, after graduating from the art history and visual arts department, I discovered my fascination with fashion illustration. Since then, my journey as an illustrator has been one of continuous learning and growth.
I find joy in exploring various mediums to create art and draw my inspiration from cinema, photography, textile art, and art history. Enjoy observing people, details of clothing, patterns, and discovering stories behind beautiful objects of fashion art.

2012-2015 BFA at the Shenkar Multidisciplinary Art School.
2009-2011 BA in Art History at Tel Aviv University.
2020 - Paper Positions Art Fair, Berlin, Germany.
2019 - “The Dream Play”, solo exhibition, Maya Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2018 - “Courtyard”, duo exhibition, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem.
2018 -  In Print: Jerusalem Art Book Fair.
Clients: Shoofra Shoes, Einayim Magazine, Akila Eyewear
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